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Before entering into any business contract or transaction, you should speak with a business attorney so that you understand your rights and obligations. Our lawyers can advise you throughout the negotiation process and ensure that the business deal you are entering meets your business needs and expectations. Whether you are starting your own business, purchasing a franchise, entering into a distribution agreement or hiring a new executive, we can help your company meet its business objectives.


Our attorneys understand that every word in an agreement is critical to achieving the purpose of the transaction. At the same time, we know that the best contracts clearly iterate the rights and obligations of both parties. Our lawyers advise you on what language will provide the greatest benefit and protection for your company in the most efficient possible manner.


Starting a new business is an exciting, but often confusing endeavor. Akef Al-Daoud Lawfirm understands that selecting the right corporate form is crucial to protecting your assets and minimizing liability. Our business lawyers counsel clients on the entire process from formation to licensing to state agency filings. Our attorneys can work with you to find financing, create a business plan, and navigate through the seemingly never-ending paperwork associated with launching a new business. Whether you need us to manage the entire process or simply serve as your registered agent, Akef Al-Daoud Lawfirm business attorneys will get you started so that you can focus on the growth and development of your business.

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