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The banking and finance market is characterized by high activity and rapid development. Akef Al-Daoud Lawfirm is part of this development and is often mentioned as one of Jordanian’s leading advisors within Banking and finance.

We advise banks, finance companies and borrowers on all aspects of banking and financing. Our practice includes, among other things, advising in such financial matters as project financing, asset financing, property financing, acquisition financing and trade financing.

The lawyers in Akef Al-Daoud Lawfirm’s Banking and finance practice group possess comprehensive industry experience. This is particularly important at a time when new products are being developed and launched at a faster pace than previously and when banks, finance companies, insurance companies and other players are expanding and integrating their businesses and services.

Through its capacity as a large firm, Akef Al-Daoud can also offer its banking and finance clients other expertise. One example being outsourcing, which seems to be becoming increasingly common as many players sharpen their financial tools and outsource other functions which lie outside of the core business. Often, outsourcing involves various parts of the company’s IT structure and our TMT (Telecom, Media, IT) practice group has specific experience with the questions which then arise.

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