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Akef Al-Daoud and Partners Lawfirm provides legal advice for a wide range of industrial companies, manufacturing specialized products and services related to selling technology.

Industries greatly vary and we have an in-depth understanding of the many challenges that they face. This includes general issues and more specific matters. At Akef Al-Daoud Lawfirm we understand that each business is unique.

We provide advice in a number of sectors including national and international companies operating within, amongst others, energy and fuels, automotive, space, chemical, building materials, wood and paper, electronics, machinery, transport, metal production, food, plastics and textile industries.

We understand the regulatory environment of industrial related services sectors and assist in effectively identifying and managing industry-specific risks.

Our expertise in these industries and the laws governing industrial enterprises includes employment laws (collective bargaining and worker safety regulations) to environmental concerns and compliance, commercial agreements, corporate, finance and tax, construction and real estate, public procurement/public law, disputes, intellectual property, as well as all other relevant business law fields.

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